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Amanita Muscaria demystified

Amanita Muscaria demystified

Looking to buy Amanita Muscaria? Here’s what you have to know.

Amanita Muscaria is known as a poisonous hallucinogenic mushroom, but not many are aware that when taken in small dosages this mushroom has healing properties. Amanita Muscaria is common in the forests of Europe, Asia and North America, mostly in the British Isles and Siberia. In ancient times, the British have used fly these mushrooms soaked with honey or and placed them next to their windows in order to protect themselves from insects. That’s where the English name (Fly Agaric) comes from.

In pharmacology, the extract of red fly agaric is used to create drugs against sore throat, epilepsy, arthritis, psoriasis, dermatitis and fungi. Means of fly agaric help with varicose veins, papillomas, they treat the pathology of the spinal cord, pressure sores, spasms of blood vessels, boils. Depending on the concentration, drugs with mushroom extract can be used topically and orally. The benefits of red fly agaric can be felt by people with cardiovascular diseases. In particular, it is believed that the extract of these mushrooms has a beneficial effect on people with coronary heart disease, hypertension, atherosclerosis. The same mushroom is believed to be useful in diabetes, impotence. For the female body, the extract of “magic mushrooms” in some cases is also a good helper. For example, with painful menstruation or during menopause. French researchers have confirmed that the right dosage of red mushrooms affects the body as a sedative, reduces nervousness, anxiety and reduces the effects of stress. Therefore, mushroom extract is often added to drugs for insomnia. In addition to the French, Dutch, Finns, Norwegians, British, Japanese, Italians are treated with fly agaric. Products containing mushroom extract are allowed in New Zealand, Denmark, Switzerland, the USA and Russia, but in Australia and Israel the use of fly agaric in medicine is prohibited. Some researchers consider red fly agaric as an antitumor agent. True, there is no conclusive evidence of this fact in official science. Creams with mushroom extract are useful for the treatment of varicose veins, arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout.

Amanita microdoses in alternative medicine are used as a medicine against nervous disorders. But it’s worth saying right away that for medicinal purposes they never use raw or specially treated fly agarics. Fresh mushrooms contain the most dangerous poison, which is detrimental to the liver. Some find these mushrooms useful for treating chronic dizziness, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. In addition, in alternative medicine, these red mushrooms are used as a medicine against nervous tics, depression, and for the treatment of cerebral disorders.

Ancient records have survived, indicating that ancient cultures not only knew about the strength of these mushrooms, but also actively used it. In addition, some tribes used this mushroom in magical shamanistic rites. As a rule, ancient civilizations used hallucinogenic mushrooms for “wandering into the world of spirits.” Interestingly, in German culture, fly agarics (along with chimney sweeps, 4-leaf clover and horseshoe) are considered a symbol of good luck. It is known that the aborigines of America, the inhabitants of Japan, India, China, the peoples who inhabited Siberia and Scandinavia, the ancient Greeks resorted to the help of mushrooms with bright hats. Researchers suggest that the Vikings before the important battles also used fly agarics, which gave warriors additional energy and fearlessness. But ancient records indicate that even several centuries ago, people understood the toxic properties of fly agaric. For example, Siberian shamans never consumed raw fly agaric. They fed deer mushrooms, and during the ceremonies they used animal urine, in which the necessary substances from fly agarics were concentrated. We all know from childhood that this bright beautiful mushroom is extremely dangerous. Although in reality red fly agaric is a good example when the benefits and harms of a product can be equally large, depending on the dosage. But even if you decide to be treated with fly agaric, then entrust this matter to specialists who know exactly where the line goes between the permissible portion of the fungus and an overdose.

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