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Natural cancer cures

Why alternative medicine and natural cancer cures are important?

It is calculated that in today’s generation each second man and each third woman will have this illness… cancer. One in two men and one in three women that are alive today are gonna face cancer. That’s why we need to educate, expose, and eradicate cancer once and for all. This great human tragedy can be stopped today entirely on the basis of latest scientific knowledge.

Natural cancer cures

Can we truly 100%  trust modern medicine?

With so many billions of money spent every year on cancer research with other hundreds of billions taken in from the cancer connected sale of drugs and with vote hungry politicians promising ever-increasing government programs… we discover that nowadays there are more individuals making a living from cancer than are dying from it. If the riddle were to be solved by a natural cancer cures this large business and political business may well be wiped out overnight. The result’s that the science of cancer therapy is not nearly as difficult as the politics of cancer therapy. in the past the FDA and alternative agencies of state have used every means at their disposal to stop this story from being told, they’ve arrested citizens for holding public conferences to inform others of their convictions on this subject, they’ve confiscated films and books they even currently are prosecuting doctors if they apply these theories in an effort to save the lives of their own patients.

Why is modern medicine so drug intensive?

We need to expose the lies about the history of modern medicine and the history of cancer treatments, It’s not because patent petrochemical medicine is superior. It’s because the monopoly medicine which was created over a hundred years ago. The word doctor actually means teacher, so doctors should be educating their patients and teaching their patients. But unfortunately, the only thing that doctors are taught while they’re in medical school is how to prescribe drugs, they are not being taught about natural cancer cures at all. Doctors don’t get paid to educate patients they get paid to write prescriptions. Professors in medical schools are being paid by the drug companies because of that instead of teaching about natural cancer cures they teach students about the latest patented drugs.

How did this happen? Why modern medicine is so corrupt?

Can we trust modern medicine

Over a century ago, there were foundations, the Carnegie and the Rockefeller Foundations, engineered the curriculum through their grants and donations. You see, if we’re going to change where we’re going, we need to know where we’ve been… Because as the old saying goes : “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it”. All can understand when the money is coming from a source, which has a vested interest in the outcome, now what’s going to happen is the outcome is going to be what the donor wants it to be, generally. So this is the problem. And that goes back to the last century when the Rockefeller Group and the Carnegie Group actually came together and they decided that they would “reform” medical education in America. In the past medical schools taught a lot of different things. There were homeopathic medical schools and physicians were practicing natural cancer cures. There were many naturopathic schools, there were many eclectic herbal-type medicine schools. And so it was all there. There was not one way. What happened was that the Rockefeller and Carnegie Foundations were interested in establishing the one way. How did they do that? Well, Rockefeller and Carnegie did get a hold of the established education system and created a new medical monopoly by basically eliminating all competition to patent petrochemical medical education.

Have you ever heard about the Flexner Report of 1910?

Flexner Report of 1910

Brothers Abraham and Simon Flexners were hired to do this corrupt report. It was a preordained commissioned report. With no surprise the basis of the report was that it was far too easy to start a medical school and that most schools were not teaching right medicine. Let me translate this for you. All natural health schools were not pushing enough chemical drugs manufactured by who? Carnegie and Rockefeller of course! American Medical Association was evaluating the various medical colleges and they made it their job to target and shut down the larger respected homeopathic colleges and all known natural cancer cures. Rockefeller and Carnegie began to immediately invest hundreds of millions of dollars into these medical schools that were teaching drug-intensive medicine. By the way, when Carnegie and Rockefeller donated the money, the donors would say, “Now we’ve given you a lot of money, and we know you’re going to do the right thing with it. But would you object if we had someone from our staff appointed to your Board of Directors. Just to make sure—just to see how our money is being spent?” Well, that was really a condition of getting the money. So you know the university said, “That would be fine. Anybody that you would suggest would be, I’m sure, more than adequate.” So they began to load up the Boards of Directors of these teaching centers with people who literally were on the payroll of the Carnegie and Rockefeller. Once it was established, the curriculum of the universities, the teaching centers, swung completely in the direction of pharmaceutical drugs and it has remained that way ever since.


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