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Testimony of cancer survivor Sandy

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Testimony of cancer survivor Sandy

“Vitamin B17 saved my life!!!!”

“Hi everyone, it’s Sandy again a lot of people have asked me to do an update on how I’m doing it’s been seven months since I got my last PET scan and they’d like to know how my treatments are going naturally my natural treatments are going they’re going great because I honestly don’t feel like I’m being treated I’m just taking my b-17 I have to keep taking it I’m taking this um twice a day it’s 500 milligrams I wouldn’t say that b-17 or laetrile what which is also what it’s called I wouldn’t say it’s a cure for cancer I’d say it’s more of a control because I have to stay on this stuff I will not be able I met a lot of cancer patients who had cancer from radiation from previous cancers and I’ve had a ton of radiation so I one lady it took seven years for her the radiation to create cancer in her body so after she used it the first time so yeah I’m gonna be on it for a while um I might think okay so I’ve got a list of questions from somebody let’s see they want to know what the side effects are the b-17 I’m taking there are none well it’s increased my appetite that might not be a good thing for some folks but if you’re going through cancer and you’ve lost a lot of weight like me that would be a good thing um they asked if I had any reoccurrences of the cancer no um it’s seven months since I got my PET scans and I am living my life like my doctor told me to um he might infect my oncologist wants nothing more to do with me because I’m able to treat my own cancer and his stuff isn’t working he’s got chemo and radiation offer so um he he doesn’t really want to see me anymore and it scared me and I went to my family physician and was crying to him about it because you know I don’t have a doctor you know what am I going to do and my family was physician started laughing and sit and said sandy that’s actually a good thing that your oncologist doesn’t want to see you anymore so anyway he’s been very supportive my family physician and he laughs at the fact that people say apricot kernels b-17 is toxic anyway um let’s see then a natural experience versus conventional just some people want proof that I had cancer I guess um this is a scar from my PICC line on if you can see that um I had that it kind of goes up into my neck as well I don’t know if you can see that and then I’ve got the scar from my first PICC line that was the first one I had and um anyway those are my pick lines I also have tattoos what they do is they put tattoos on you when they’re going to do radiation and these are my tattoos see the little dot and there’s more I can’t move it the right direction because on the video it goes the opposite way anyway so I’ve got these tattoos so they would know where to radiate me um I have and this is these are my side effects from the conventional treatments I a severe dry mouth now I always have to have water because my salary grande glands had been destroyed hold on and um that was from radiation and chemo um anyway I’m doing fine and I can give you more details on how I got this cancer in another video um it wasn’t from smoking or anything I never and that was one thing that was upsetting I never smoked never drank you know never did any of those things and here I get this horrible disease um but I’m doing great I’m living my life I have my four kids that I’m taking care of and they’re happy to have their mom back and my husband’s have happy have his wife back so in fact it was because of him that I know about b-17 and that I’m now well so he’s my hero so see you later I’m gonna go live my life BYE”


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