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What is vitamin B17?

Vitamin b17 is not a vitamin at all, it’s only the name of compound which was discovered in 1952 by dr. Ernst Theodore Krebs, Jr. a biochemist in San Francisco. He had advanced the theory that cancer like scurvy or pellagra is not caused by some kind of mysterious bacterium, virus or toxin, but is merely a disease aggravated by the shortage of a necessary food compound in today’s man’s diet.
He found this compound as one of the nitriloside family that is found plentifully in nature in over 1200 edible plants which can be found in almost every country in the world.
So called vitamin b17 or amygdalin particularly prevailing within the seeds of fruits is also found in grasses, maize, sorghum, millet, cassava, linseed, bitter almonds and lots of alternative foods that typically are deleted from the menus of modern civilization.

vitamin b17

What is laetrile?

Laetrile was patented in 1961 and it’s just a simpler semisynthetic version of vitamin b17 or amygdalin. In other words – vitamin b17 and amygdalin is natural, and laetrile is manmade substance with same properties.

Why does modern man have cancer and primitive does not?

A small tribe located in northern Pakistan supports dr. Krebs theory about vitamin b17 deficiency in our bodies and cancer being related. This tribe is called Hunza. Most interesting facts about Hunza people are that they never have cancer and that they have two times longer lifespan then modern man. Many studies were made to find out the reasons of their longevity and scientists have found that in those cultures, those places in the world, where the native diet is rich in amygdalin foods, the cancer rate is very low if not zero.
And no, Hunza people are not super heroes, because when they come out of Hunza and they go into other countries and they start eating the same foods that local people eat they get cancer at the same rate as everyone else. Before Hunza tribe was untouched by civilization, they had no such thing as money, and man’s wealth was measured by the number of apricot trees he owned. People eat apricot seeds there which are loaded with vitamin b17 and they eat them like candies. Hunza people is just one example, there are other cultures: the Vulcan Baba, Navajo and Hopi Indians the Aboriginal Eskimos. All of those cultures had zero or very low cancer rates. And if you look at the native diet in every case, their foods are at least 200 times if not more richer in amygdalin than anything that you would find in a major city or even in the countryside of our Western world.

How does vitamin b17 or amygdalin fight cancer

How does vitamin b17 or amygdalin fight cancer?

Dr. Antonio Jimenez, M.D., N.D., C.N.C. Founder, Chief Medical Officer, describes this process in simple to understand way:
“Seeds containing vitamin b17 is an old workhorse in alternative integrative medicine and it has cyanide. And so many people might say: ”Oh, that’s poison” or “Oh, this can be toxic”! But this is the mechanism of action. You see, cancer cells have an enzyme called – “beta-glucosidase” which normal cells do not have. So when someone ingest amygdalin or b-17 it’s not selective for cancer cells only, some normal cells absorb it too…however because normal cells do not have that enzyme, that cancer cells have, called – “beta-glucosidase” then when vitamin b17 penetrates a cancer cell that enzyme breaks up the b17 molecule and causes the release of cyanide. So that’s a very simple mechanism of action that the cyanide on contact kills those cancer cells. When amygdalin or b-17 penetrates a normal cell, since it doesn’t have that beta-glucosidase enzyme then it converts it into something called thiocyanate, which is totally non-toxic to normal cells. So vitamin b17 can be consumed safely without any possibilities of toxicity.”

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