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What you need to know about bitter apricot kernels

What you need to know about bitter apricot kernels

Looking for Apricot Kernels for sale? Let us help you out with a quick rundown of this sensational product.

In this article we will be discussing its benefits and informing you on how to properly implement this natural remedy into your diet and boost your overall health and help you combat cancer as well as serve as a natural supplement for your well-being.

So, let’s drive straight into it and explain why Apricot Kernels are so valued.

Apricot Kernels are rich with Vitamin B17, also known as Amygdalin, which has been utilized by numerous cultures throughout history as a natural medical alternative that helps you combat various diseases, such as arthritis and cancer, as well as give you an overall boost of immunity system.

Apricot Kernels are very notable for their benefits, so let’s get straight to the point and explain how it functions.

Your organism breaks down Amygdalin into three different substances: benzaldehyde, prunasin and cyanide.

Cyanide in particular seems to be the main substance which is responsible for all the benefits of Apricot Kernels. It is vastly believed that it is the main anticancer substance found in Apricot Kernels.

As previously mentioned, Apricot Kernels are rich with Amygdalin, which in your body is converted into Cyanide, a substance that tracks down cancerous cells and proceeds effectively eradicating them from your body while keeping healthy cells intact.

More so, your body has enzymes which turn hydrogen cyanide into a different molecule, thiocyanate which was historically used by many in order to help reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

Scientists also claim that a lack of Vitamin B17 also makes your body more vulnerable to cancer. Countless studies show that people that lack Vitamin B17 in their organism are more likely to develop cancer and those who regularly supplement their bodies with it are harmed by this disease significantly less often.

Unlike majority of Vitamins, Vitamin B17, found in Apricot Kernels are essential as your body does not produce Vitamin B17 by itself.

Aside from effectively combating cancer, the most widely known benefits of Apricot Kernels include, but are not limited to:

Helping you combat pain in an all-natural way

When dealing with pain caused by injuries, pain that occurs after surgery or giving birth, or even arthritis, Apricot Kernels function as a powerful painkiller, while giving you the confidence of using it care-free as it is entirely natural, and not man-made.

Helping you reduce your blood pressure

Hypertension is a source of many illnesses, both mental and physical, so reducing it is essential in order to keep yourself productive and healthy. Amygdalin from Apricot Kernels was shown to help reduce lower systolic blood pressure by 28.5% as well as diastolic blood pressure by 25%. It functions even stronger when you combine it with Vitamin C.

Boosting your immune system

Regularly supplementing your body with Apricot Kernels helpsyour organism produce white blood cells, which fight viral and bacterial infections, such as cold and flu.


However, Apricot Kernels have, perhaps by mistake, been a subject of controversy. Apricot kernels are a part of a heated debate among health professionals, so let’s clear that up once and for all. FDA (Food and Drug organization) of the United States of America has banned a similar product, Laetrile, due to vague claims of it causing cyanide poisoning. The difference is that Laetrile is a different, although chemically similar substance, but it is entirely man-made and manufactured in laboratories. The natural Vitamin B17, Amygdalin, which is the one found in Apricot Kernels is entirely safe to use, as long as you use it as directed. Cyanide poisoning can only occur when highly overdosing – similarly to any other medication. However, large corporations want to avoid competition and combat natural medical alternatives in the process. Apricot Kernels for sale are available online and can help you stay healthy and overcome existing health problems.  Coyote Herbs are a respected provider of Apricot Kernels and assure you a quality product at an affordable price.


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