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What you need to know about vitamin b17

Vitamin B17 has been a popular search for a while now, as this greatly discussed vitamin is vastly recognized as an effective combatant to cancer cells, is used by a bunch of people who are looking for alternative natural remedies, and a great amount of people still consider the vitamin, also known as Amygdalin as a possible cure to this deadly disease that takes lives of many people every single year.

 Vitamin B17 for sale is found in the seeds of various plants of the prunasin family such as apricots, or rarely so, apples. Classified as a nitriloside, a substance that naturally contains cyanide, Amygdalin is known as a remedy that combats cancer effectivelly.Amygdalin is regarded as one of the best remedies to prevent cancer from developing as it produces hydrogen cyanide. This notion is still one of the most debated medical topics in the world. Let’s clear it up once and for all the benefits of Vitamin B17.


How it deals with cancer

  1. Your intestines break down vitamin B17 in order to produce cyanide, which effectively kills cancer cells.2. It teams up with other enzymes and vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E in order to combat the cells damaged by cancer and eradicate them.

    3. Cancer can be prevented by simply having enough of Vitamin B17 in your body. Many studies show that simply having enough Vitamin B17 in your body could reduce the risk of cancer greatly.

Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research published a study which states the following as the main explanation on how Vitamin B17 is effective in curing cancer, throughout the production of hydrogen cyanide, which works wonderfully in small dosages, and, according to the publisher, can track cancerous cells and leave the healthy cells completely intact.


Vitamin B17 is generally found inside the pits (or seeds) of apples, plums, cherries, peaches, other fruits, but most notably, apricots.

The natural form of Vitamin B17, Amygdalin, is only found in in the seeds/pits of the fruits mentioned above, is different from its synthetic form, called Laetrile, which is currently banned by FDA. The man-made form of Vitamin B17, Amygdalin, was patented in the 1950s, and was afterwards often used as an alternative natural remedy for cancer treatment.

Meanwhile the natural counterpart of Laetrile, the previously mentioned Amygdalin is still respected and used worldwide for its undeniable benefits. Aside from cancer, it gives you a vast range of health benefits:


It helps you fight Hypertension

Look for Vitamin B17, when suffering from hypertension, as it is extremely efficient in combating hypertension and other blood pressure related issues by releasing thiocyanate, which is essential in order to lower your blood pressure.

It helps you improve your Immune system

A Bangalorean nutritionist, Dr. Anju Sood, endorses the vitamin for its capability to assist in the production of white blood cells, which helps boost immune system and, as a result helps you avoid various infections, such as common cold and flu, and even more developed/recent diseases. A strong immune system is absolutely necessary in order to lead a healthy and productive life.


It functions as an Antioxidant

A lot of qualified experts claim that Vitamin B17 can work alongside other powerful antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C and E to remove the toxic cells form your body, helping detoxify the process and promote your overall well-being and health.

Vitamin B17 was used in many nations as a natural remedy to treat all of those illnesses, but it is even more well known for its ability to treat cancer.

So, in order to attain all these benefits, you have to look for affordable and reliable sources of Vitamin B17, and at the moment one of the best companies offering you the natural form of Vitamin B17, Amygdalin, in its most commercially tested form – Apricot Seed Kernels is Coyote Herbs, as it’s reasonably priced, handled and packaged with care, and accessible worldwide.




Reviewing mysterious vitamin b17

Looking to buy vitamin B17? Here are the essential facts you must know before implementing this wonderful natural remedy into your diet. Vitamin B17, quite often referred to as Amygdalin, is a chemical substance found most commonly found in seeds of fruits, such as apricots, but also in plums, peaches, apples and pears. Vitamin B17 is well known for its ability to combat cancer cells, because your body breaks Amygdalin down to Cyanide, which can be toxic when taken in large dosages. So when you decide to buy Vitamin B17, make sure to follow the instructions. On the other hand, it is traditionally used by many cultures with the goal of helping you treat certain chronic illnesses.

Vitamin B17 has been a subject of controversy for long. The reason behind that being that there are still many people who mistake Vitamin B17 for its synthetic counterpart, Laetrile. The latter is entirely man-made, while Amygdalin comes from natural sources.

Buy Vitamin B17 when battling cancer, as this anticancer vitamin is one of the most essential members of the B-complex Vitamin family. An alternative cure for cancer, that’s been praised worldwide, Vitamin B17 is extremely efficient when used to curb metastasis and helping deal with tumors. It destroys the cancerous cells while keeping the healthy cells intact, as well as preventing cancer from spreading in the future. On top of that, your immunity system will receive a boost. Let’s take a closer look on when to buy Vitamin B17.



Aside from being a great natural remedy that you can use to combat cancer, Vitamin B17 can also be used for other reasons.

Buy Vitamin B17 when suffering from hypertension, as the anti-hypertensive qualities of Amygdalin help reducing your blood pressure as well as preventing it from rising exponentially. It simultaneously helps you fight off cardiovascular diseases.

Buy Vitamin B17 to boost your immune system, if you’re suffering from flu/cold, or if there’s a new viral/bacterial disease and you believe your immunity system needs a boost.

Buy Vitamin B17 in order to use it as a tonic and an antioxidant to boost your overall health.

When looking to buy Vitamin B17, Apricot kernels are the most well-known and proven source of Amygdalin, and they also offer the following benefits:

  1. Apricot seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids and Thiamine.
  2. Apricot seeds help reduce inflammation and arthritis.
  3. They contain Zinc which can support your eye health and overall vision.
  4. It can also boost your liver health.
  5. The previously mentioned Omega 3 acids help support your mental health.
  6. The calcium content in it helps your bones become stronger and less prone to injuries.
  7. Apricot seeds are rich in Protein, which can help you repair damaged muscles as well as support muscle growth.
  8. Iron and Phosphorus will help you reduce tiredness and fatigue when dealing with a heavy day of work and similar issues.
  9. They can be used to support your respiratory health.
  10. In addition to Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds are rich in Vitamin B15,also known as Pangamic Acid, which improves your endurance.

There’s also a quite interesting detail:

When searching Google for Vitamin B17, many results appear talking about Laetrile, which is a different, although similar substance, except, once again, man-made as opposed to Amygdalin, which is only found in nature.

When looking to buy Vitamin B17, look for a quality product that has been handled with care and priced adequately. Currently one of the best providers of Apricot Seeds is Coyote Herbs, where you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product which is available worldwide.

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Looking to buy Amanita Muscaria? Here’s what you need to know.

Mushrooms that have hallucinogenic properties are generally talked about in a very specific light, its ability to cause hallucinations, which it induces through psilocybin. Amanita Muscaria (Sometimes referred to as the Fly Agaric) also has a lesser known benefit – assists your mental wellbeing and strengthens your psychological health.

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita Muscaria is a basidiomycete fungus with strong psychoactive properties, that looks for deciduous and coniferous trees such as spruces, pines or birches and forms a symbiotic relationship with them, so it is generally found right next to those trees. Amanita Muscaria requires sandy and acidic soils in order to prosper. It has been used by many cultures historically and deemed “the shroom of immortality”, but sadly was not allowed to prosper commercially by the Big Pharma.

Even though many people seem to believe that this particular exotic mushroom is poisonous or even toxic, there are very few fatal cases among people using this mushroom.

On the contrary, many people have reported that Amanita Muscaria can provide the following health benefits, so:

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you need help reducing back pain, as it can be done by rubbing it into the painful areas.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you need help effectively treating arthritis.

Buy Amanita Muscaria in order to increase your strength, vitality and endurance.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you’re feeling depressed as it can help you boost your happiness rates.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you’re suffering from pain, as it can help reduce muscle pain, joint pain and improve the overall state of your body.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you need a boost for your immunity system.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when dealing with microbial infections and help fight microbes due to the properties of mycelium.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when low on energy, as it can help you feel more energetic.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when you need skin care, as it can help you cleanse and detoxify your body.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when dealing with inflammation, as it has been proven to greatly reduce inflammation and its effects.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when you feel stressed with nature as it can help you reconnect with nature and feel more relaxed.

More traditional usages from different cultures are:

Amanita Muscaria has been used to help deal with female menopause and its effects while subduing over-excitement, intestinal and bladder cramps of human organism.

It’s used as an analgesic and a pain killer to help combat arthritis, sore throat and other sources of pain.

Amanita Muscaria is also used to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

Drops of Amanita Muscaria can be used to improve cognition for a short time when placed under your tongue.

Other, lesser known facts:

The peoples of Siberia, in which Amanita Muscaria has religious significance have used it as an intoxicant and entheogen.

Regions with high levels of pollution and farmers that use inorganic pesticides have noticed Amanita Muscaria growing next to the area, as it can absorb toxins.

In everyday lives of peoples of Siberia, it has deep spiritual and religious meaning.

People from England and Sweden have used this mushroom to combat insects.

General tips when taking Amanita Muscaria:

Look for a good quality product that has been harvested, shipped and packaged properly.

Do not consume large dosages, as with any medication.

Make sure to keep track of your surroundings.

Consult with professionals from which you buy these herbs.


Even though Amanita Muscaria is entirely safe to eat, many similar mushrooms from the Amanita family can be lethal, so you make sure you’re buying the real deal.

In order to buy good quality Amanita Muscaria, check out Coyote Herbs, one of the best companies when it comes to alternative medicine. You get a guarantee of quality and you’re guaranteed the legit product.

What exactly are Bitter Almonds?

You might have heard of Bitter Almonds before, but if they aren’t yet a part of your diet, you’re missing out on serious health benefits that come from an all-natural source.

What exactly are Bitter Almonds?

Bitter almonds are the seeds of a specific tree which grows in Asia and the Middle East, Prunus dulcis. Often falsely classified as nuts, Bitter Almonds are a form of drupe, a seed enclosed in a hard shell. There are many different kinds of almonds, but the most common ones by far are Bitter and Sweet almonds.

Almonds are extremely nutritious on their own, aside from Copper, Vitamin B2 and Phosphorus they contain:
37% RDI of Vitamin E

20% RDI of Magnesium

32% RDI of Manganese

3.5 grams of Fiber

14 grams of Fat

6 grams of Protein

And all that only in 1 ounce (28 grams)!

On top of that, Bitter Almonds provide you the following benefits:

Bitter Almonds supplement your body with Magnesium

Magnesium is essential in order to control your blood pressure, as high blood pressure is the cause of many illnesses such as strokes, kidney failures, and even heart attacks.

Many studies show that taking Magnesium reduces blood pressure, as it’s often correlated to a deficiency of the said element.

Adding Bitter Almonds to your diet could greatly assist you when dealing with such issues as well as preventing them from recurring.

Bitter Almonds help lower Cholesterol

High level of cholesterol is a notorious risk factor for various heart diseases.

LDL lipoproteins (the bad kind of cholesterol) are greatly affected by your diet and some studies show that adding Almonds to your diet can greatly reduce such risk, as well as overall body fat percentage.

Bitter Almonds help you lose weight

Studies have shown that consuming Almonds help you reduce appetite, resulting in an overall weight loss.

The human body is only capable of absorbing 85-90% of calories found in nuts. On top of that, it has a quality of slowing your metabolism which results in weight loss.

Bitter Almonds help your body control its sugar level

Almonds and nuts in general are very low in carbs, but high in protein, fiber and healthy fats which is why it’s a wonderful option for people suffering from diabetes.

As mentioned previously, they’re very rich in Magnesium, an element that deals with hundreds of bodily processes, most notably when it comes to controlling blood sugar.

Another interesting fact is that a third of the people suffering from type 2 diabetes lack magnesium in their body. Dealing with this issue really lowers your blood sugar levels and boosts the functionality of insulin.

Bitter Almonds are rich with Vitamin B17!

Vitamin B17, more commonly known as Amygdalin is a wonderful tool to help you treat cancer, and can assist you in other health related concerns.

Vitamin B17, found in Bitter Almonds can be used when suffering from hypertension, as the anti-hypertensive qualities of Amygdalin help reducing your blood pressure as well as preventing it from rising exponentially. It simultaneously helps you fight off cardiovascular diseases.

Take Bitter Almonds to boost your immune system, if you’re suffering from flu/cold, or if there’s a new viral/bacterial disease and your immunity system needs a boost.

When looking for Bitter Almonds, you should consider the companies policy in handling and managing this great natural remedy. Currently one of the best providers of Apricot Seeds is Coyote Herbs, where you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product which is available worldwide.

What everyone should know about apricot seeds

Apricot Seeds are believed to be one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods to naturally supplement your body with various minerals such as potassium, iron, phosphorus, and perhaps most valuably, vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 (Also known as Amygdaline) is often confused with Laetrile, although a chemically similar, but a different substance. The difference being that the actual vitamin B17 (Amygdaline) is all natural and plant-based, unlike Laetrile, which is chemically manufactured.

Apricot Seeds, sometimes referred to as “bitter almonds” or “apricot almonds” originated in Armenia, a nation in south east Europe, but is also widely used in Asian nations, most commonly China, the Himalayan region and other parts of Asia such as the pacific islands (Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia). Local people have used Apricot Seeds in order to benefit their health in numerous ways.

Bitter Apricot Seeds have also been used in Australia and Russia as an alternative treatment for high blood pressure, arthritis, and many other health issues including cancer.

The seeds are obtained from the pit of the Apricot itself, the kernels and seeds are widely known for their medicinal usage.


Helping cure arthritis

Apricot Seeds possess anti-inflammatory properties which makes it a perfect alternative cure for arthritis. It helps reduce the pain and prevent swelling in infected areas. Try to incorporate Apricot Seeds into your diet and your arthritis pain will drop substantially.


Helping reduce high blood pressure

Apricot Seeds are known for relieving high blood pressure when consuming them in directed amounts throughout the day. It helps you lower your blood pressure, which is a cause of stress and many other health problems. People with lower blood pressure generally live longer and happier lives, as high blood pressure has been associated with a lack of vitamin B17.


A natural painkiller


Apricot Seeds for sale can be bought in order to be used as a natural painkiller – as theypossess a strong pain relieving effect due to benzaldehyde, a famous analgesic. Apricot Seeds are also a wonderful way of treating arthritis. It’s important to use it for the purpose of reducing pain, while lowering the symptoms and signs in patients dealing with rheumatoid arthritis. Furthermore, it can be used to reduce pain in people fighting cancer!

Fighting constipation

Another usage for Apricot Seeds is to help fight constipation, as it is discovered to have laxative properties, helping relieve constipation and your digestive system function properly.

Infections (Cold/Flu)

Vitamin B17 helps you boost your immunity system, so buying Apricot Seeds for sale will reduce the chance of catching infectious diseases, such as cold and flu.


Respiratory diseases

Apricot Seeds for salehave been used to treat asthma, emphysema, cold, and even bronchitis by the Chinese for many years, as it helps your breathing as well as reducing phlegm. Check out Apricot Seeds for sale when suffering from such diseases.


Boosting your immune system

Being in contact with infected people, especially during winter colds requires a strong immune system in order to be immune to such infections. Apricot Seeds help boost your immune system and makes fighting infections far easier.

Heart health

When ingesting food rich in saturated fats, your cholesterol level spikes which puts your heart at risk. Apricot Seeds contain the good kind of fats – unsaturated, which helps reduce cholesterol and improve the health of your heart and reducing the risk of falling victim to various heart diseases. Look for Apricot Seeds for sale when your heart is at risk.


Repairing cells and preventing cellular damage

Apricot Seeds for sale can be used as a potent antioxidant, which helps you repair your damaged cells, from skin to your inner organs, making your health stronger and appearance younger. Its ability to repair damaged cells causes you to not only look, but also feel younger and healthier.


Cancer treatment

As mentioned before, vitamin B17, which is found in Apricot Seeds is a nutrient that got it’s fame by being an effective killer of cancer cells. Many nations have historically used Apricot Seeds as a potential treatment for cancer. According to countless studies, vitamin B17 helps release cyanide to your body, which aggressively deals with cancerous cells, and prevents the cancer from attacking cells that are still healthy. A large amount of studies show that cancer patients lacked vitamin B17 in their body, while people that regularly consumed Apricot Seedsweren’t affected due to their cells becoming stronger and immunity system receiving an overall boost. Apricot seeds for sale are one of the best remedies for cancer.

The most efficient way of consuming Apricot Seeds is to buy them in its original form as kernels, as opposed to its powdered form. When looking for Apricot Seeds for sale, look for a quality product and make sure you choose a trusted provider.

Right now, Coyote Herbs are one of the best providers of Apricot Seed Kernels, as it’s reasonably priced, handled and packaged with care, and accessible worldwide.



What you need to know about bitter apricot kernels

Looking for Apricot Kernels for sale? Let us help you out with a quick rundown of this sensational product.

In this article we will be discussing its benefits and informing you on how to properly implement this natural remedy into your diet and boost your overall health and help you combat cancer as well as serve as a natural supplement for your well-being.

So, let’s drive straight into it and explain why Apricot Kernels are so valued.

Apricot Kernels are rich with Vitamin B17, also known as Amygdalin, which has been utilized by numerous cultures throughout history as a natural medical alternative that helps you combat various diseases, such as arthritis and cancer, as well as give you an overall boost of immunity system.

Apricot Kernels are very notable for their benefits, so let’s get straight to the point and explain how it functions.

Your organism breaks down Amygdalin into three different substances: benzaldehyde, prunasin and cyanide.

Cyanide in particular seems to be the main substance which is responsible for all the benefits of Apricot Kernels. It is vastly believed that it is the main anticancer substance found in Apricot Kernels.

As previously mentioned, Apricot Kernels are rich with Amygdalin, which in your body is converted into Cyanide, a substance that tracks down cancerous cells and proceeds effectively eradicating them from your body while keeping healthy cells intact.

More so, your body has enzymes which turn hydrogen cyanide into a different molecule, thiocyanate which was historically used by many in order to help reduce blood pressure by dilating blood vessels.

Scientists also claim that a lack of Vitamin B17 also makes your body more vulnerable to cancer. Countless studies show that people that lack Vitamin B17 in their organism are more likely to develop cancer and those who regularly supplement their bodies with it are harmed by this disease significantly less often.

Unlike majority of Vitamins, Vitamin B17, found in Apricot Kernels are essential as your body does not produce Vitamin B17 by itself.

Aside from effectively combating cancer, the most widely known benefits of Apricot Kernels include, but are not limited to:

Helping you combat pain in an all-natural way

When dealing with pain caused by injuries, pain that occurs after surgery or giving birth, or even arthritis, Apricot Kernels function as a powerful painkiller, while giving you the confidence of using it care-free as it is entirely natural, and not man-made.

Helping you reduce your blood pressure

Hypertension is a source of many illnesses, both mental and physical, so reducing it is essential in order to keep yourself productive and healthy. Amygdalin from Apricot Kernels was shown to help reduce lower systolic blood pressure by 28.5% as well as diastolic blood pressure by 25%. It functions even stronger when you combine it with Vitamin C.

Boosting your immune system

Regularly supplementing your body with Apricot Kernels helpsyour organism produce white blood cells, which fight viral and bacterial infections, such as cold and flu.


However, Apricot Kernels have, perhaps by mistake, been a subject of controversy. Apricot kernels are a part of a heated debate among health professionals, so let’s clear that up once and for all. FDA (Food and Drug organization) of the United States of America has banned a similar product, Laetrile, due to vague claims of it causing cyanide poisoning. The difference is that Laetrile is a different, although chemically similar substance, but it is entirely man-made and manufactured in laboratories. The natural Vitamin B17, Amygdalin, which is the one found in Apricot Kernels is entirely safe to use, as long as you use it as directed. Cyanide poisoning can only occur when highly overdosing – similarly to any other medication. However, large corporations want to avoid competition and combat natural medical alternatives in the process. Apricot Kernels for sale are available online and can help you stay healthy and overcome existing health problems.  Coyote Herbs are a respected provider of Apricot Kernels and assure you a quality product at an affordable price.

All you need to know about Amanita muscaria

How is it located?

Amanita Muscaria for sale is collected from forests and generally found near spruce and birch trees, but can sometimes be seen next to beech trees as well. Amanita Muscaria can also be found slightly further away from the tree, as it has a symbiosis with each other, which is when they both exchange nutrients and mutually benefit from said exchange. Amanita Muscaria is also collected in grass fields, as it is unlikely to find a shroom that doesn’t grow on green grass.

How is it collected?

Amanita Muscaria is collected carefully, as they are very delicate and crumble easily. The part of the mushroom that interests you depends on your preferred method of consumption. If you’re planning to smoke the mushroom, the caps are more important, whilst while eating it, it is advised to consume more stem. Regardless, the active chemicals are found in the whole mushroom, both caps and stems.


Amanita Muscaria is rich with 2 effective chemicals: Ibotenic acid and Muscimol.

Muscimol is what people mainly look for while consuming these shrooms, as it is the active ingredient of Amanita Muscaria.

Amanita Muscaria for sale also contains Ibotenic Acid, which is a powerful neurotoxin. Amanita Muscaria is said to be poisonous, but you’d have to severely overdose in order for it to be lethal or harmful. You would need to eat as much as 15 raw caps of Amanita Muscaria in order for it to be life threatening. When buying Amanita Muscaria, you must follow the instructions.

On the up-side, Ibotenic Acid is converted to Muscimol when the shroom reaches certain temperatures or is dried out. More about that later.



Eating Amanita Muscaria

Dried Amanita Muscaria for sale can be eaten on it’s own, ground up and used as a spice, or you can even make tea out of it.


Smoking Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria can be smoked after grinding it up and rolling it up into a cigarette-like cone. You can also try adding tobacco, or whichever herb is legal in your general area to make it lighter. But it is also possible to smoke it pure, if that’s what you decide to do.




The benefits of Amanita Muscaria for sale

The effects of Amanita Muscaria are vastly different depending on situation and person. Some people use it in order to help them sleep faster and can even see life in new ways and help you get new perspectives in life. Some people claim they’ve had spiritual or ethereal experiences thanks to these mushrooms. Other people have used it in order to boost their energy and happiness, and not feel depressed. It helped them become more productive. Amanita Muscaria for sale can be used to reduce stress and energize your body.

There are instances of people complaining about these shrooms, because the product they’ve consumed wasn’t handled properly – not dried out/cooked out. When handled and used properly however, the Ibotenic Acid will successfully convert to Muscimol, in which case health risks shouldn’t even be a possibility.


Advice on Amanita Muscaria

There is never enough information about such medicinal substances, and you should proceed reading more and more information about this, as information will make your experience far better.


When looking for Amanita Muscaria, look for mushrooms that have been handled properly, taken care if and packaged responsibly. Currently, Coyote Herbs is one of the best providers of Amanita Muscaria worldwide.


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