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Apricot seeds (pits)

Why should you eat apricot seeds?

Inside apricot pit, there is a brown nut that looks like an almond. Apricot pits are hard and it’s not so easy to crack them open. The taste of the apricot seeds is either sweet or bitter and it depends on a taste of the apricots that you ate. If apricots were sweet – seeds inside the apricot pits will be sweet, if apricots were sour, then seeds will be bitter. Both sweet and bitter seeds, found inside the apricot pits are similar to other nuts by their nutritional profile. They contain high levels of essential fatty acids, are rich in iron, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Sweet apricot kernels are being sold as snacks, used in baking, in production of liqueur „Amaretto” and in the cosmetics industry for expensive oils. They have similar taste to almonds which contain no vitamin b17, or amygdalin. Bitter apricot kernels are loaded with vitamin b17 which is essential substance for health. Well known tribe of Hunza consumes bitter apricot kernels daily and they stay cancer free!

How are kernels produced in modern days?

In the past there were no industrial machines to crack open the apricot pits and people had to do it manually using different tools. Today it is much easier to consume apricot kernels daily regardless of the season because you can buy them already shelled out from the pit and you don’t need to pay for the whole apricot in order to get the valuable kernel. Raw apricot kernels have long shelf life and can be consumed long time after they had been harvested because they are dry and full of natural antioxidants. Please look our quality apricot seeds for sale on e-shop.

How are apricot seeds produced

What are other health benefits of apricot pits?

Apricot kernels, or apricot seeds contains pangamic acid (vitamin B15) and significant levels of vitamin E. Some of the verified health advantages of apricot seeds include better digestion, boosting cell growth and cell repair, regulating cholesterol level in blood, increasing energy, making skin more protective and beautiful, preventing cancer, strengthening heart, supporting general health immunity and soothing respiratory distress. Even apricot pits, or shells are used as exfoliant in cosmetic face scrub product. Ground apricot shells are used as natural body scrubs, because they are gentle and very effective in smoothening and refreshing skin. We have many quality seeds for sale, please look around.

benefits of apricot seeds

What is the best way to consume apricot kernels?

All nuts and seeds may be quite problematic and difficult to digest when not properly prepared. The same rule should be applied to apricot kernels. Soaking apricot almonds before consumption is very important, because you can miss out essential minerals and healthy fats. All seeds and raw nuts have phytic acid, it’s a form of bound phosphorous, which serves as a physiological preservative and antioxidant for plants. While phytic acid is helpful to safeguard the seeds till their germination, once eaten by humans it binds to minerals within the digestive system, causing irritation and contributing to the potential risk for nutrient deficiencies. Raw apricot pits like any other seed or nut also contain a significant amount of enzyme inhibitors, which prevent the apricot seeds from sprouting prematurely in nature. Enzyme inhibitors and the phytates that make seeds and nuts so tricky to digest can be neutralized by soaking them in salted water. This helps to break down compounds that are irritating and to preserve all beneficial proteins and fats.

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