You might have heard of Bitter Almonds before, but if they aren’t yet a part of your diet, you’re missing out on serious health benefits that come from an all-natural source.

What exactly are Bitter Almonds?

Bitter almonds are the seeds of a specific tree which grows in Asia and the Middle East, Prunus dulcis. Often falsely classified as nuts, Bitter Almonds are a form of drupe, a seed enclosed in a hard shell. There are many different kinds of almonds, but the most common ones by far are Bitter and Sweet almonds.

Almonds are extremely nutritious on their own, aside from Copper, Vitamin B2 and Phosphorus they contain:
37% RDI of Vitamin E

20% RDI of Magnesium

32% RDI of Manganese

3.5 grams of Fiber

14 grams of Fat

6 grams of Protein

And all that only in 1 ounce (28 grams)!

On top of that, Bitter Almonds provide you the following benefits:

Supplement your body with Magnesium

Magnesium is essential in order to control your blood pressure, as high blood pressure is the cause of many illnesses such as strokes, kidney failures, and even heart attacks.

Many studies show that taking Magnesium reduces blood pressure, as it’s often correlated to a deficiency of the said element.

Adding Bitter Almonds to your diet could greatly assist you when dealing with such issues as well as preventing them from recurring.

Help lower Cholesterol

High level of cholesterol is a notorious risk factor for various heart diseases.

LDL lipoproteins (the bad kind of cholesterol) are greatly affected by your diet and some studies show that adding Almonds to your diet can greatly reduce such risk, as well as overall body fat percentage.

Help you lose weight

Studies have shown that consuming Almonds help you reduce appetite, resulting in an overall weight loss.

The human body is only capable of absorbing 85-90% of calories found in nuts. On top of that, it has a quality of slowing your metabolism which results in weight loss.

Help your body control its sugar level

Almonds and nuts in general are very low in carbs, but high in protein, fiber and healthy fats which is why it’s a wonderful option for people suffering from diabetes.

As mentioned previously, they’re very rich in Magnesium, an element that deals with hundreds of bodily processes, most notably when it comes to controlling blood sugar.

Another interesting fact is that a third of the people suffering from type 2 diabetes lack magnesium in their body. Dealing with this issue really lowers your blood sugar levels and boosts the functionality of insulin.

Rich with Vitamin B17!

Vitamin B17, more commonly known as Amygdalin is a wonderful tool to help you treat cancer, and can assist you in other health related concerns.

Vitamin B17, found in Bitter Almonds can be used when suffering from hypertension, as the anti-hypertensive qualities of Amygdalin help reducing your blood pressure as well as preventing it from rising exponentially. It simultaneously helps you fight off cardiovascular diseases.

Take Bitter Almonds to boost your immune system, if you’re suffering from flu/cold, or if there’s a new viral/bacterial disease and your immunity system needs a boost.

When looking for Bitter Almonds, you should consider the companies policy in handling and managing this great natural remedy. Currently one of the best providers of Apricot Seeds is Coyote Herbs, where you can be sure you’re receiving a quality product which is available worldwide.

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