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What’s the difference between Sweet Almonds (prunus dulcis) and Bitter Almonds (prunus dulcis var. amara)?

Sweet almond tree (prunus dulcis) blooms white and it produces almonds that are used for food industry as snacks and they have no vitamin b17.
Bitter almond tree (prunus dulcis var. amara) blooms pink and it produces bitter tasting almonds that have lots of vitamin b17 or amygdalin.
All almond trees are closely related to apricots as they are all species of the genus “Prunus”. So if you are looking for vitamin b17 or amygdalin, then you should focus either on bitter almonds (prunus dulcis var. amara) or bitter apricot kernels, which comes from a tree Prunus armeniaca. Both bitter almonds and bitter apricot kernels are loaded with vitamin b17; in fact they and the apple seeds have the highest amounts of vitamin b17 in the whole plant world.

What’s the difference between bitter almonds and bitter apricot kernels?

Actually not much of a difference, because they all are “Prunus”. Bitter apricot kernels are assorted not by size, but only by taste, it’s either sweet or bitter. Large bitter apricot kernels looks like bitter almonds, they come from big yellow apricots, (common apricot tree). Small ones are heart shaped and usually come from Chinese “Mormon” apricot tree.

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Why some apricot kernels are sweet, and others are bitter?

There are about 40 different apricot varieties in the world: Apium, August Glo, Autumn Royal, Blenheim, Chinese (Mormon), Earligold, Floragold, Garden Annie, Gold Kist, Goldcot, Golden Amber, Harcot, Harglow, Hargrand, Harogem, Katy, King, Manchurian apricot, Montrose, Moongold, Moorpark, Newcastle, Perfection (Goldbeck), Plum Parfait, Puget Gold, Riland, Rival, Royalty, Stark Tilton, Sungold, Sun-Glow, Tilton, Tomcot, Wenatchee Moorpark etc.

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All these varieties can produce either sweet or bitter kernels. Most important thing is the taste of apricot fruit. If it’s sour and it comes from a tree that blossoms pink, then kernels/almonds from that tree will be bitter. And if the taste of apricot fruit is sweet and it comes from a tree that blossoms white, then kernels/almonds will have sweet taste, too. Sweet tasting apricots are a man-made variety, a product of selection. In the past people learned to graft apricots on plum trees as in that way apricot fruit becomes sweeter than wild growing apricots. But sweet fruit produces sweet kernel, which has no healing properties, because it has no vitamin b17.

Why Bitter almonds and Bitter apricot kernels are considered as potential cancer treatment by alternative medicine practitioners?

It’s only because they are packed with vitamin b17 or amygdalin. G. Edgar Griffin, an author of the book “World without cancer”, explains:
“The role of vitamin b17 in the human’s body, in my view, is to keep the healing process of the body in balance. And the reason, I say, that is because cancer is not unnatural at all. It’s a perfectly natural function, it’s the healing process! When tissue is damaged the body immediately goes to work to repair it and new cells start to grow, that’s normal, it’s healing and then those damaged cells are replaced. If I were to scratch my skin, I got rid of probably a couple thousands of cells. I can’t see them, but I’ve scratched them off. Well the body knows those cells now have to be replaced, so it’s right now starting the process of growing new cells for my skin. Well, when those cells are finally grown back, then there is a very sophisticated very beautifully balanced mechanism that the body engages in that says “stop, the healing is over!”, but if the chemistry in the body is lacking or if something is interfering with the electrical signals or it’s the combination of chemistry and electricity, then the body doesn’t say “stop it”, it says – “continue it”, and doesn’t give the stop signal. So, the body over heals and that’s the kind of an oversimplified way of describing the cancer process. So, cancer is not unnatural at all. It’s a natural process that’s gone awry. It’s gone awry because the body is lacking something. It could be many different things, but certainly one of them is this substance called amygdalin or vitamin b17. When that substance is present in the normal diet, it provides the micro chemistry that the body needs to trigger off this process that says, “stop healing”. So that’s basically a kind of a grade five level of explaining it… you can get more complicated (explanation), but it’s still the basic thing that the role of vitamin b17 in the human’s body is to allow the body to heal itself without going into overload.”

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