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Everyone should know about apricot seeds!

Everyone should know about apricot seeds!

You probably heard of Apricot seeds and Vitamin B17 and how it helps cure different kinds of cancer. If you’ve heard of “Laetrile”, you’ve likely informed of it’s possible danger. Laetrile is the chemical substance, synthesized to be a replacement for the real deal – Amygdalin, that is found in various seeds, such as Apricot seeds. So, when looking for Apricot seeds for sale, you have to consider the following:

The truth is that “Vitamin B17” is simply one of many natural substances that made big corporations fearful, and as a result, fell victim to bad press and misinformation. The reality is simple: Apricot seeds were used to great effect for their healing and nutritional properties for many years, specifically in arid areas where Apricots grow naturally. Apricot seeds for sale are available and as popular as ever.


In the early 30s, Major Sir Robert McCarrison described in his writings a tribe, that he referred to as the Hunzas – they lived in the country area near Northern Pakistan. Major Sir Robert discovered this community while assisting the Indian Medical Service. Based on McCarrison’s observations, the tribe was enjoying a great life with hardly any health problems. Supposedly, some of them survived until an age older than 130, and none of them had health issues that are so common, unfortunately, in our modern world, such as heart attack, cancer, obesity and diabetes.

20 years passed and Dr. Ernest Krebs, a respected biochemist with a strong desire to comprehend cancer and how cancer cells function has discovered the notes of Major McCarrison about Apricot seeds, and began studying the Hunza tribe and their lifestyle.

Soon it became very clear to Dr. Krebs that the source of the Hunzas’ vitality mostly came from their diet and lifestyle – as they had a healthy diet which consisted of meat and bone broth, raw milk, fresh vegetables and grains. They barely consumed sugar, and, as nomads, were naturally able to get a great ammount of exercise. What really made their diet unique was the amount of Apricot seeds they consumed.

Fascinated by this idea, the doctor continued the research until he discovered what exactly made Apricot seeds such a potent medicinal alternative – especially when it comes to eradicating tumors. The glycoside Amygdalin.

Amygdalin is a very strong phytonutrient which can be found in Apricot seeds, alongside many other natural foods (More than a 1000 of them!) Highest concertrations of it, paired with the most effective company enzymes is found, once again, in Apricot seeds. When looking for Apricot Seeds for sale, consider the fact that it is way more effective when accompanies by a proper diet. Amygdalin is a potent nitriloside which has a structure similar to a B complex vitamin, which is why Dr. Krebs named it “Vitamin B17”. As expected, Amygdalin is pretty much non-existant in the standart American diet.

Apricot seeds for sale offer you the following benefits:

Blood Pressure

Apricot seeds for sale are often bought to relieve blood pressure, as the active compounds of Amygdalin have other effects on the body – it can produce thiocyanate – a famous element that can suppress blood pressure. Patients that suffer from hypertension should know that this is an excellent way to control your blood pressure, as well as reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, as well as coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attacks.

Anticancer Potential

Apricot seeds for sale can also offer this controversial aspect of Vitamin B17 as it has been largely debated. Studies are still ongoing to prove its role in helping fight cancer, but it’s historical usage is undeniable.

Immune system

Apricot seeds for sale will boost your immune system and prevent infections.



Apricot seeds for sale have been used as alternative medicine for a long time in order to help reduce pain during cancer and chemotherapy.

A word of advice

When looking for Apricot seeds for sale, you must consider on whether it’s been handled with care, packaged responsibly and sold at a reasonable price. As of now, Coyote herbs are one of the most respected sellers of Apricot seeds.


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