How to consume bitter apricot kernels
What’s the dosage? How much b17 should I take?

Healthy dosing

Experts recommend that patients eat 24-40 kernels throughout the day. Patients inactive ought to use a minimum of sixteen kernels. Some individuals use Associate in Nursing apricot kernel for each ten pounds of weight. Increase the amount of kernels step by step. Take one kernel, Associate in Nursingd await an hour. If you notice something strange, you’re most likely consumption your kernels too quick. consumption too severalkernels could have a fatal financial gain. notice what works best for you.

We offer you a couple of stories of people World Health Organization used apricot kernels to treat their condition.

No-surgery resolution for womb and lymph gland removal

“I had scheduled surgery for womb removal and humour nodes around d/t cervical invasive cancer. I refused surgery, I refused CT-scan. I ordered Apricot Seeds, dry Apricots, high dose antioxidant IV administered by my friend RN. And today, ten months later I got my cervical smear, result’s clear. Nature has everything in dire straits North American nation. I’m 40. currently i will be able to arrange for an added child.”

Cure for a rare cancer of humour nodes

“I ordered this product for my brother. He features a rare cancer. He was told that there have been some massive humour nodes. Doctor wished him to come back in to induce a stronger check up on what was happening before they did chemo. He had period of time with the apricot seed. He ground ten per day in his shake. once he went back for that nearer look they saw nothing? Still it’s smart to analysis before taking.”

Be healthy

“I grew up consumption these seeds. ne’er got sick from it. If you Greek deity five all directly, you will feel a desensitizing impact in your mouth, which works away in seconds when you wash it down with water. I actually have had up to twenty in an exceedingly day, and haven’t seen any negative effects, however you wish to figureyour high slowly. Don’t eat all directly. I feel healthier once I take these seeds.”

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