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Vitamin b17 – what is it and is it good for me? cancer cure

Vitamin b17 – what is it and is it good for me? cancer cure

cancer cure?

You’ve probably heard of Vitamin B17, but not many are aware, that there are 2 very different forms of this Vitamin: Laetrile and Amygdalin.

Laetrile is entirely manmade – synthesized in a laboratory.

Amygdalin on the other hand is purely natural, and is found in uncooked nuts such as almonds, and the kernels and seeds of certain fruits, most commonly, Apricots. Some of it can be found in clover, sorghum, lima beans, and others.

Vitamin B17 is found in over a thousand different foods, but most commonly in the following:


Apricot seeds

Bitter almonds

Peach kernels

Apple seeds






Macadamia seeds

Bread made from Millet and Buckwheat grain is contains some Amygdalin, but the highest amount of it is in the Apricot Kernels.

Its recommended daily intake is around 100 mg/day, but varies per person.

Vitamin B17 and its health benefits:

Vitamin B17 has medicinal properties that treat and help prevent cancer.

Vitamin B17 helps you reduce the pain and fight arthritis.

Vitamin B17 was proven to help reduce the risk of such medical risks as hemorrhagic strokes by reducing blood pressure and combatting hypertension.

Vitamin B17 can be a potent analgesic – it improves the condition of people that are suffering from Crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

Vitamin B17 benefits your body maintain the normal pH level, because abnormal pH levels create a toxic environment for the human body – which could result in failure, illnesses and sometimes even death.

Vitamin B17 helps you maintain your overall well-being and health.

Vitamin B17 boosts immune system and helps prevent infections.

Fresh research that supports the usage of Vitamin B17:

Laetrile, the synthesized version of Vitamin B17 was in effect for many years, but patients and scientists alike are reconsidering it, as the recent in-vitro studies have very positive results.

According to a recent study, just published in 2019, Vitamin B17 has anti-cancer effect because of such gene expressions as MCF7, A549, as well as AGS human cancer cells, showing its power as a natural alternative for anticancer medication.

  1. Apricot seeds help reduce inflammation and arthritis.
  2. Apricot seeds contain Omega-3 fatty acids and Thiamine.
  3. Apricot seeds can also boost your liver health.
  4. The previously mentioned Omega 3 acids help support your mental health.
  5. Apricot seeds are rich in Protein, which can help you repair damaged muscles as well as support muscle growth.
  6. They can be used to support your respiratory health.
  7. They contain Zinc which can support your eye health and overall vision.
  8. The calcium content in it helps your bones become stronger and less prone to injuries.
  9. In addition to Vitamin B17, Apricot Seeds are rich in Vitamin B15, also known as Pangamic Acid, which improves your endurance.

In conclusion, let’s discuss on how to choose the proper product in order to attain all thebenefits. Youmust look for affordable and reliable sources of Vitamin B17, and at the moment one of the best companies offering you the natural form of Vitamin B17, Amygdalin, in its most commercially tested form – Apricot Seed Kernels is Coyote Herbs, as it’s reasonably priced, handled and packaged with care, and accessible worldwide. cancer cure?



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