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Vitamin B17, what it does in your body and how it kills cancer?

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Vitamin B17, what it does in your body and how it kills cancer?

Another natural cancer therapy that we hear about a lot is vitamin b17 oh yeah lately oh yeah talk about that a little bit.

Yeah b-17 was my first exposure to natural cancer treatments Jason Vale the arm wrestler from New York State was uh was the one that exposed me to that he did a video back in the early 90s mid 90s on extra TV show. He’d been diagnosed with terminal cancer did chemo got him sick almost killed him he said – “no more”, started doing research and found B 17 in apricot seeds apple seeds and started eating them and cured his cancer. So that’s laetrile the way that it works is just amazing you’ve got each each molecule of B 17 contains one unit of hydrogen cyanide one unit of benzaldehyde into two units of glucose but they’re all locked together and they need to be unlocked to be made active and so you’ve got an enzyme in your body that’s named beta-glucosidase which is everywhere in Kent which is in cancer cells but not anywhere else and so the beta glucose beta-glucosidase unlocks the cyanide in the beds aldehyde and they form a toxic poison that kills it obliterates cancer cells but then you’ve got an enzyme throughout the rest of your body called rhodanese that then makes that inert makes it more like a salicylate like a pain reliever in aspirin type substance so since selectively toxic treatment for cancer cells that in hormonal cells kills the cancer cells then your body the rhodanese in your body makes it into a natural painkiller it’s an amazing treatment but doesn’t contain both sides of the cancer treatment coin both sides the cancer treatment coin to be effective has to have two sides it’s got to be cytotoxic kill cancer cells which b-seventeen does but it’s also got to be immune stimulating or modulating because of the failed immune systems the reason that you’re diagnosed to start with and so while b-17 does have the cytotoxic side of the coin it’s not necessarily immuno stimulating so you need to supplement it’s a great supplement treatment with other things that would stimulate your immune system so we find fun of the treatments that are in the better that are in my book or somebody else’s book all over the internet that would stimulate your immune system there’s there’s lots of products that do it.


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