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What is Amanita Muscaria?

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Looking to buy Amanita Muscaria? Here’s what you need to know.

Mushrooms that have hallucinogenic properties are generally talked about in a very specific light, its ability to cause hallucinations, which it induces through psilocybin. Amanita Muscaria (Sometimes referred to as the Fly Agaric) also has a lesser known benefit – assists your mental wellbeing and strengthens your psychological health.

What is Amanita Muscaria?

Amanita Muscaria is a basidiomycete fungus with strong psychoactive properties, that looks for deciduous and coniferous trees such as spruces, pines or birches and forms a symbiotic relationship with them, so it is generally found right next to those trees. Amanita Muscaria requires sandy and acidic soils in order to prosper. It has been used by many cultures historically and deemed “the shroom of immortality”, but sadly was not allowed to prosper commercially by the Big Pharma.

Even though many people seem to believe that this particular exotic mushroom is poisonous or even toxic, there are very few fatal cases among people using this mushroom.

On the contrary, many people have reported that Amanita Muscaria can provide the following health benefits, so:

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you need help reducing back pain, as it can be done by rubbing it into the painful areas.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you need help effectively treating arthritis.

Buy Amanita Muscaria in order to increase your strength, vitality and endurance.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you’re feeling depressed as it can help you boost your happiness rates.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you’re suffering from pain, as it can help reduce muscle pain, joint pain and improve the overall state of your body.

Buy Amanita Muscaria if you need a boost for your immunity system.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when dealing with microbial infections and help fight microbes due to the properties of mycelium.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when low on energy, as it can help you feel more energetic.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when you need skin care, as it can help you cleanse and detoxify your body.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when dealing with inflammation, as it has been proven to greatly reduce inflammation and its effects.

Buy Amanita Muscaria when you feel stressed with nature as it can help you reconnect with nature and feel more relaxed.

More traditional usages from different cultures are:

Amanita Muscaria has been used to help deal with female menopause and its effects while subduing over-excitement, intestinal and bladder cramps of human organism.

It’s used as an analgesic and a pain killer to help combat arthritis, sore throat and other sources of pain.

Amanita Muscaria is also used to help reduce inflammation and swelling.

Drops of Amanita Muscaria can be used to improve cognition for a short time when placed under your tongue.

Other, lesser known facts:

The peoples of Siberia, in which Amanita Muscaria has religious significance have used it as an intoxicant and entheogen.

Regions with high levels of pollution and farmers that use inorganic pesticides have noticed Amanita Muscaria growing next to the area, as it can absorb toxins.

In everyday lives of peoples of Siberia, it has deep spiritual and religious meaning.

People from England and Sweden have used this mushroom to combat insects.

General tips when taking Amanita Muscaria:

Look for a good quality product that has been harvested, shipped and packaged properly.

Do not consume large dosages, as with any medication.

Make sure to keep track of your surroundings.

Consult with professionals from which you buy these herbs.


Even though Amanita Muscaria is entirely safe to eat, many similar mushrooms from the Amanita family can be lethal, so you make sure you’re buying the real deal.

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