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What you need to now about vitamin b17 capsules/pills

What you need to now about vitamin b17 capsules/pills

You’ve probably heard about Vitamin B17 Pills as an alternative medicine for cancer, and an overall booster of immunity system.

Vitamin B17 pills are generally produced by turning apricot seeds into powder, as apricot seeds are the most widely available and tested source of Vitamin B17. Vitamin B17 itself can also be found in nuts, berries, sprouts, tubers, and in a vast selection of pits of fruits, such as peach, cherry and most notably, the previously mentioned apricots.

The controversy

Vitamin B17 pills are banned in the United States of America, due to vague claims that it can lead to cyanide poisoning. The reality is that you would need to consume a way higher dosage than suggested in order for it to be harmful to you. Cyanide in small amounts can seek out and treat damaged cancer cells, which has been proven countless times, but the sad reality of pharmaceutical companies in the United States and its monopoly is preventing people from obtaining these alternative natural remedies.

The reason on why this is even in effect, is because the source of Amygdalin is all natural and can’t be patented, which prevents big corporations from capitalizing on it.

Basically, many lives are essentially held hostage because of sometimes cruel human nature – private income, patents and a possibility of chemotherapy centers losing out on potential income – large pharmaceutical companies do not want to lose any possible income. Vitamin B17 pills are so potent because they’re comprised of glucose and hydrogen cyanide. It deals with cancerous cells so effectively, as glucose basically injects itself straight into the cancerous cell. Afterwards, the benzaldehyde and cyanide, of which there’s a lot thanks to the previously mentioned glucose, form into a poison that attacks and removes the cancerous cells. This alternative version of chemotherapy is, once again, controversial, and these vague claims generally state something along the lines of “Cyanide is toxic and can cause death” – an absurd statement, as 1) Cyanide is only damaging when greatly overdosed and 2) Cancer takes out very many people’s lives every single day. Just in 2019, there were 606,880 projected deaths caused by cancer. Vitamin B17 pills are

The science behind Vitamin B17 pills and their anticancer treatments:

Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) is rich in cyanide, which has been found to prevent tumor cells from developing and cause cell apoptosis in cancerous cells located in bosom, kidney and prostate. Cancer cells have a compound called glucosidase in much larger amounts than normal. This can help Vitamin B17 locate cancer cells and eradicate them, leaving healthy cells intact.

Vitamin B17 pills also have the following benefits:

It helps you fight hypertension

Hypertension, when not taken care of properly, is very dangerous and might as well be deadly, if it leads to a brain hemorrhage, coronary artery disease or even stroke. Vitamin B17 pills are a natural way of preventing hypertension and is widely used for such purposes.

It boosts your immunity

Vitamins help you boost immunity and prevent infections from harming you, Vitamin B17 pills are essential in order to give your immunity a strong boost by producing white blood cells, that fight various viruses and bacteria which are the cause of diseases such as common flu.

It functions as an antioxidant

Vitamin B17 pills, when used alongside Vitamin A, C and E supplements other potent antioxidants, can boost their effectiveness

It works as a painkiller

Vitamin B17 pills have analgesic properties which help you reduce pain when dealing with injury-related, post-surgery pain, and even arthritis.


When buying Vitamin B17 pills, look for a product that is all-natural, handled and packaged with care and affordable.

Coyote herbs is one of the best producers of Vitamin B17 pills, as well as other natural alternatives for your health.




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